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Solid experience in analysing, explaining and training 'the inner game of sales'.

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We have lifted sales in several countries since 2003
Among our international clients are:

Mercedes-Benz, Deloitte, Vodafone, Copenhagen Airports, EasyPark, PerkinElmer, Epinion.

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Our objective is to foster enduring, positive transformations within the sales organizations we consult with, as well as those in which we hold a partial stake. For us, positive change entails not only improved bottom-line results but also personal growth on an individual level. Additionally, we offer interim sales management services to businesses for agreed-upon durations.


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The ‘Feelings for Sales’ whitepaper is a concise rendition of the 2014 book by the same name. The ‘Feelings for Sales’ concept provides a profound insight into the inner dynamics of the sales process, enabling you to navigate personal barriers in sales, whether they belong to you or your team.

This material distinguishes between individuals burdened by mental and emotional obstacles when it comes to selling and those who consistently find joy and vitality in the sales game.

It offers fresh perspectives on addressing the seemingly illogical challenges that often arise in sales and sales leadership throughout your career.

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